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Employer FAQs

Here we try and answer some of the common questions we get asked by companies looking to engage with a recruimtment partner

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The benefits of working with a recruitment agency are well known - a more streamlined and efficient hiring process, facilitated by experts, which allows you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities. However, working with a recruitment agency on an exclusive basis can even further enrich your business.

An exclusive contract with a recruitment agency isn’t just a formality - it’s a commitment to a long-term working relationship. Working with one recruitment agency means that they can become fluent in your business culture, goals, and standards, to understand exactly what kind of person you want to join your team. That way, you’ll see an even better talent pool for your vacancies.

Nurturing this close working relationship not only reduces the risk of crossed wires, miscommunications, and misunderstandings, but it also allows the agency to become an extension of your business. This means that they become invested in your goals to the same degree that you are and are driven to find the right candidates to get you there. Working exclusively long-term also means that an agency can construct entire teams around this ethos, so your business will be built upon your goals.

Some recruitment agencies will also offer reduced terms for working with them exclusively, so you could also gain financially. If you’re interested in working with Applause IT to find the right IT and tech workers for your business, get in touch today to speak to a member of the team.

Where traditional recruitment relies on subjective methods like candidate screening and interviewing, data-driven recruitment uses data analysis and insights to make more informed hiring decisions.

This method uses data to inform the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates and evaluating their performance to tracking results and placements. Some common points of analysis include candidate CVs, the effectiveness of the different candidate sourcing channels, employee assessments, and performance data.

Using data to inform the recruitment process makes for a more streamlined and efficient approach, meaning that you can onboard the perfect team member quickly and easily. It also leads to more objective decisions, so you can be sure that every hire is based on solid reasoning.

At Applause IT, we’re big on utilising the right tools and techniques to find you the perfect candidate. Our blended approach of both data and human interaction results in a thorough and well-balanced process, so you know that the candidates we source are the right fit, both culturally and technically.

So, whatever IT, tech, and digital vacancies you have, whether they’re contract, permanent, full-time or part-time, we can help. Get in touch today to speak to a member of the team about how we can work together.

Having been specialist IT recruiters for over 20 years, we take pride in our expert knowledge of the IT and tech areas we hire in. We know how important it is to be fluent in the technicalities of your roles, so that we can identify the best candidates for you.

That’s why our teams are structured in tech specialisms, so each consultant can develop a deep and thorough knowledge of their area in order to best aid your hiring process. We hire in 8 key IT, tech, and digital specialisms, which are:

Although these are our main focus areas, we’re always on hand to help with whatever IT, tech, and digital vacancies you have. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable consultants are experts in their field, each with a pool of candidates on their books who have been screened and approved ready to hire.

Get in touch today to speak to a member of the team about how a recruitment partnership could work for your business.

In simple terms, recruitment is the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring a candidate to fill a new or vacant position. In real terms, it’s one of the most important processes a business undertakes. A company’s employees are its most valuable asset and will play a big part in shaping its working methods, culture, and identity inside and outside the business.

Because it’s so important, many businesses will use specialised recruitment agencies to help them find the right candidate for their vacancy. A recruitment agency’s job is to find a suitable pool of candidates for a role and review them on the company’s behalf, checking over their CVs, speaking to the candidates directly, and supporting both the business and the applicants throughout the interview and hiring process.

Many agencies will specialise in a distinct industry, especially in more technical fields like IT. At Applause IT, our consultants have a deep knowledge of the technical areas they hire in; this means that they can better understand the technicalities of a role in order to find the ideal candidate. Speak to one of our team about working with us, whether you’re looking for your next role or your next hire.

 If you've never worked with a recruitment agency before, you may be unsure of the ins and outs of the hiring process - what's included? When does the service end? Although every job can vary slightly, the process for an individual hire will typically follow this structure: 

Initial consultation: we'll meet to discuss the details of the job, the company culture, and the top candidate priorities, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the role.

Job posting: Once we've established exactly what you want, we'll advertise the vacancy on our website and relevant job boards.

Candidate sourcing: Alongside advertising the role, we'll consult our database and networks of skilled talent to find potential candidates.

Screening and interviewing: Once we've compiled a list of applicants, we'll speak to each of them individually to gain a deeper understanding of their skillset, attitude, and goals in order to assess their suitability for your role. well also handle the admin side of things, such as checking references, visa statuses, and qualifications.

Shortlisting: Once we've completed these preliminary checks, we'll send you a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for you to look through in order to select which you want to interview.

Interviews: At the interview stage, we'll handle organising the meetings and arranging times, so you can focus on conducting the interviews. Depending on the role, you may have multiple interview stages or technical tasks, all of which we'll facilitate. Once these are completed, you can select the candidate you want to hire.

Offer and onboarding: We'll deliver the offer to the successful candidate, and handle any and all negotiations. We'll also organise the signing of the contract and any other necessary documentation. From then until the candidate starts, we'll be available to answer any questions or assist with onboarding.

Follow-up: Although the recruitment process is complete, we'll check in to make sure that everything is going smoothly and to answer any questions from either you or your new starter.

The services of a recruitment consultancy are much more than just sourcing a candidate: we're an extension of your business, taking the time to learn your goals and priorities in order to find you the perfect candidate, and guiding you through every step of the way. Want to revolutionise your hiring process? Applause IT have over 20 years of experience in helping businesses like yours find great tech talent, from DevOps to Data, front-end to back-end, contract or permanent. Speak to one of the team today to find out how we can help.

Filling job vacancies can be a time-consuming job, especially on top of your normal duties. It's hard to find the time to look through applicants, and even harder to find the ideal candidate on your own. A recruitment agency is the perfect solution, streamlining your onboarding process for a pain-free hiring experience. The benefits of working with a recruitment agency include the following:

Efficiency: letting a recruitment consultancy handle all the legwork means that you can focus on your own work without compromising the quality of your hiring process - we'll screen applicants, source candidates, organise interviews, and handle communications, all with your top priorities and goals in mind.

Personalisation: building a long-term relationship with a recruitment agency you trust can lead to exceptional hires, as we take the time to get to know your business. Your growth goals, culture, ways of working, and technical requirements can all be effectively communicated and acted upon to find you a pool of candidates that meet your expectations as if you'd hand-picked them yourself.

Expertise: many recruitment agencies specialise in particular areas, especially in more technical or digital industries. Partnering with a consultancy can provide you with a wealth of technical knowledge, and the reassurance that the consultants sourcing potential candidates possess a deep understanding of the skills they're looking for.

Access: modern recruitment is driven by data and innovation, and recruitment consultancies will have access to a variety of tools and methods that hiring businesses don't. Resources like SourceBreaker and exclusive job boards give recruiters access to an entire pool of highly skilled candidates.

Partnering with a specialist recruitment consultancy can revolutionise your hiring process, helping to drive business growth. For first-class IT, digital, and sales recruitment, Applause IT are the solution. Our consultants have a deep knowledge of the technical areas they hire in, so they can find you the ideal candidate. Speak to one of our team about working with us to build your tech team.