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Using Recruiter Insider to Improve Our Customer Experience

Behind any successful customer-facing business is a solid CX strategy. CX, or customer experience, is essentially everything you do to understand and prioritise your customers.
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Behind any successful customer-facing business is a solid CX strategy. CX, or customer experience, is essentially everything you do to understand and prioritise your customers. Complex CX strategies are especially important in a competitive market like SaaS, which is reliant on high customer engagement.

For recruitment, it can be the difference between a long-term working relationship and a one-off placement. Whether it’s from our clients or our candidates, we’re always looking for ways to get more insightful feedback so we can deliver the best results, which is why we’ve recently adopted Recruiter Insider as our go-to software for improving our CX.

What is Recruiter Insider and how does it help with CX in recruitment?

Recruiter Insider is a recruitment-specific feedback tool which allows clients and candidates to share their opinions throughout the hiring process, specific to consultants and work-type. That means our consultants get an invaluable insight into where they can improve, progressing our working relationships in real time. It also automates the collection of testimonials and referrals, so it’s easy to promote your brand and attract new clients and candidates.

We asked our Recruiter Insider CSM what the best advocates of RI do to get the most out of the product:

Customer Experience - Monitor trends in the feedback received from candidates & clients, walk in the customer's shoes, ensure expectations are being met, drive up best practices, develop consistent experiences, and understand brand reputation in the market.
Skills DevelopmentIdentify opportunities for learning & development in the data.
Account DevelopmentBuild consultative partnerships with clients by sharing data insights, identifying issues and working together to agree on what excellence looks like at each stage. Set that standard and get everyone to follow the process.
Business DevelopmentProvide credibility and trust to prospective clients they haven’t worked with before, through feedback that current clients have left.
MarketingPromote the agency’s testimonials, great results, hiring manager reviews, and landing pages.
GamifyCreate friendly competition in the team to drive up best practices and ensure consistent customer experiences. 

Aisling Corbett - UK Client Director - Recruiter Insider

How does Recruiter Insider fit into our company’s values?

It was important to us to find a software that fits with our company ethos, and the values we stand for both within our industry and as people.

At our core, we’re client-first. Our processes and decision-making all revolve around finding the best solutions for our clients, and so we needed a software that did the same. We’ve always been believers in data-driven recruitment, keen to be early-adopters of the latest technology to keep up to speed with – or ahead of - the market.

We’re niche experts – each of our consultants works within a specialism, from DevOps to Software Development, so they can understand the technical intricacies of a role. And above all, we value honesty, and know our clients do too. Remaining transparent and flexible is the soul of our business, so finding a system that gives us the facts was crucial.

In Recruiter Insider, we’ve found a software that breaks down exactly what our clients and candidates are thinking, highlights how we can better serve them, and gives future prospects a clear view of our offering in the words of our current clients.

“As a business, we are continuously reviewing our technical stack against the changing needs of the recruitment industry as a whole. In the past couple of years, there had been a need to collate and share valuable data on the client and customer journeys, broken down by consultant and across the organisation. 

Recruiter Insider has been the tool to facilitate this, user friendly and informative; both to add credibility to our service provision and also understand where relationships can be improved and strengthened. The consultants can also significantly add to their own brand-value through testimonials and reviews; so hopefully the tool will just give us a 'winning-edge' in a competitive marketplace.”

Mike Scotney - Managing Director - Applause IT

How does it help us?

We use RI both as a thermometer of our current processes and an advertising tool to attract new business. Placement risk factors mean we can react in real time to intervene and keep jobs placed, while client and candidate feedback allows us to improve internally, targeting our weaker areas and putting more focus on the things they want.

Positive feedback helps us demonstrate to prospective customers the quality we strive for, and the unique insights we can access from over 200 recruitment-specific metrics gives us an edge when bidding for new business.

“As a consultant, Recruiter Insider has proved incredibly valuable. Firstly as a self-reflection tool, since I can use the feedback provided from both candidates and clients to improve and understand exactly what each party is striving for from a client-consultant relationship. 

Using this feedback also adds to the functionality of RI, as I can then use these to drive business activity by demonstrating to potential clients exactly how we operate as an agency with tangible testimonials. This can be done through a variety of reports which can be personalised using different metrics, to really highlight what makes us successful.”

Harvey Chawner - Lead Recruitment Consultant

How does it help our customers?

For our customers, RI gives them a voice throughout the hiring process and beyond. They can highlight areas that aren’t working for them, from the application process right through to placement and onboarding, so we can find a solution that suits their needs.

The simple process of collecting and publishing testimonials means that clients and candidates can quickly access impartial feedback on our website, for a clear view of how we’ve successfully filled other roles.

It also gives clients more insight into their own processes, with personalised ratings on how we’ve represented them on each individual job, as well as how the candidate found the hiring manager.

What data does it give us access to?

We are able to draw data from every part of the recruitment process - focusing on candidate & client satisfaction for individual elements of the hiring process. We can visualise higher level trends as well and delving a little deeper into the specifics of a particular process.

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