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Our team of specialist consultants offer permanent tech, digital and sales recruitment solutions and work as a fully integrated talent partner to deliver the hiring strategy you require to be successful.

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Build for the future

Hiring permanent staff can secure skills and expertise for your organisation in the long-term, helping to support business objectives and support a product roadmap which looks beyond the immediate project requirements.

To be successful you need to ensure you are attracting, selecting and onboarding employees who will enhance your company culture, buy in to the longer-term vision and and stay the course. 

There are often more considerations to make when hiring permanent staff rather than contract resource and you need to trust your recruitment partner has a strong relationship with you and an excellent understanding of what makes a candidate fit with your organisation. 

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Advantages to hiring permanent staff

Workplace Culture
Whilst there is definitely a positive to bringing on permanent members of staff, it is also the one aspect of hiring permanent employees that requires more time to be invested during the recruitment process to get it right. Do that, and you will have an employee who immerses themselves in your company's culture, develops meaningful relationships with co-workers and promote your employer brand.

Business Continuity
If you are reliant on short-term contract resource, it is going to be more difficult to deliver long-term product roadmaps and plans. Permanent staff keep the knowledge within the business, are more loyal to the vision and are key to driving growth. 

Learning & Development 
Promoting internally and offering opportunities for employees to better themselves by picking up new skills or completing qualifications is a great strategy. When you are hiring permanently, you can invest in the future of your staff, which in turn benefits your company's growth. Your future managers may just be starting their journey with you. 
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What should you be considering?

Committing to hiring permanent staff requires your business to consider the investment of contributing toward pension schemes, paying National Insurance contributions, providing paid annual leave allowance, costs associated with sick leave and offering a benefits package which may include extras such as health insurance and car allowance. 

Therefore, it is important you get it right and you have confidence in your supplier. This may require extra time to be invested in the requirments gathering stage, including formulating an accurate job brief, a well-structured interview process and an induction period which introduces your new employee to the team and business and makes them feel at home. 

For each requirement, it is important to make the decision whether hiring permanently is going to be the best option. It may be that the flexibility of contract recruitment may be optimal. Your recruitment partner can discuss this with you. 

What are your options here at Applause IT?

We partner with a variety of customers and we approach each relationship on an individual basis. 

Whether that is a more traditional contingent relationship, whereby you pay a % fee once your desired candidate has started with you. 
Or perhaps you want to secure the time and resource of your talent partner with a retained partnership - investing up front offers a much stronger possibility of hiring top talent. Get in touch with us today and we can discuss your options and find the best fit for you.  


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