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Contract Recruitment

Our team of specialist consultants are trained to deliver contract recruitment solutions and understand the differences required from the hiring strategy for you to be successful.
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A fast and flexible solution

Contractors are an excellent resource to accommodate project-driven demands and unexpected upturns in technology and digital resource requirements. You should consider this option if:

You have a one-off project or job that you need tech & digital resource for 
Your business needs the flexibility to scale up and scale down quickly to meet customer demand
You have had difficulty hiring a specialist skillset in the permanent candidate market

We can remove the headaches associated with compliance with the employment laws involved in hiring contract staff, both within and outside current IR35 regulations. This will ensure you that we can offer the correct solution for your needs.

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The benefits of hiring contractors

It's not as expensive as you might think
  • Contractors are typically paid on a daily rate, and whilst these can often be quite high, you are not tying your business into long term costs. You don't need to worry about the investment in training, national insurance, pension contributions, benefits, bonuses, sick pay, annual leave, parental leave and redundancy payouts. 
The hiring process is a lot quicker
  • Technology and Digital professionals who operate on a contract basis are much more active in the market. Time to hire will be quicker, with contract recruitment processes often completed inside a week. 
Combatting skills shortages
  • Specialist skillsets are often very hard to find in permanent candidates - whilst contractors bring with them a wealth of different experience. They have often worked in different types of businesses in a variety industry sectors and they can benefit your project with that knowledge.
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Be more flexible

3 months, 6 months, 12 months. The choice is yours. And you aren't tied in - notice periods can be as short as a week or for the duration of the contract. If you need to extend, your recruiment partner can manage that process for you.

Less admin

When you take on a contractor, your recruitment agency will manage the payroll of that individual, relieving time and tasks that would typically be passed on to your HR and People teams. 

Temp to perm

If you have great synergy with a contractor working on one of your projects, there is the opportunity to offer them a permanent role within the business. You can be 100% confident of their fit with your team and you know they will deliver. 


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