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Rishi Bhatt - Recruitment Consultant - Delivery

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Rishi Bhatt Recruitment Consultant - Delivery

Prior to stepping into the world of recruitment Rishi graduated with a degree in Film Studies B.A achieving a 2:1. After graduation Rishi worked through a number of positions in the customer service industry, including a stint as a customer service representative for Birmingham Airport! 

Rishi is now making a splash in the recruitment industry and is focused on helping source the best talent for range of opportunities here at Applause IT, from software engineering to machine learning to UX design

In his personal life Rishi is an avid film fan and can recite film trivia off by heart. He is also an avid music producer working with artists all over the world via social media!

It doesn’t stop there though as he also enjoys his fitness training in kick boxing and keeps up to date with the UFC.

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