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Project and Product

They are the teams that are responsible for keeping everything on track, on time and on budget. There are so many fundamental roles that form part of a Project Delivery and Product function.
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Present in every industry

From Business Analysts to Product Owners, the world of professional services is varied, and roles will differ by industry and business. Law firms, accountancy, IT and tech businesses all make use of project and product services, so there’s plenty of scope available for candidates seeking a new challenge.

While both product and project employment involve managing resources in collaboration with cross-functional teams, they differ in terms of their focus and time scales. Product employment is focused on the long-term management of a product or line, while project employment is concentrated on the short-term execution of a specific project.

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What experience do we have?

Roles we recruit for include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Project Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Delivery Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach

Project Managers can be instrumental in streamlining a business’s operating practices and processes across budgeting, communication, reporting, and more, to create a more efficient work environment. These roles can be extremely versatile and will vary considerably from business to business, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the business. 

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Roles and responsibilities

Product Owners are responsible for defining and overseeing the development cycle, and will often work with the Scrum Master to manage the product backlog. A Product Manager is responsible for the entire look and feel of a product, prioritising the customer’s wants and needs to tailor the entire design and delivery process.

A Business Analyst is responsible for analysing an organisation's operations in order to identify opportunities for improvement. They’ll work with stakeholders like management, users, and IT teams to define what the business needs, and the processes that can be implemented to achieve it.

There can be a lot of variety within professional services, so whether you’re looking for your next opportunity or your next employee, you’ll want to find the right fit. From Product Owners to Business Analysts, we can find the right Professional Services candidate or role for you. 

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"Rosie is very articulate and comes across very well and knows what the client is looking for, asks the right questions to ensure myself and the client are the right criteria for each other.

Very professional and only if all recruitment consultants were like Rosie, job search would be a lot easier."

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