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Retained Recruitment

True talent partnership. Invest in your hiring strategy and retain the resources and expertise of your recruitment partner to drive your hiring strategy forwards. 
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What is retained recruitment? 

It refers to a service in which the agency charges a partial fee from their client at the start of the recruitment process. The remainder of the fee can then be paid at installments to be decided between the candidate sourcing stage and the successful placement of the candidate. Typically this is split into 1/3 at the start, 1/3 at interview stage and 1/3 upon completion of the project. 

Your agency partner will work with you on an exclusive basis and the service is usually employed when a company is hiring for a senior appointment, although that doesn't always have to be the case. 
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Why should you retain your recruitment partner?

Extra Resources
With a high priority, potential sensitive hire, your agency will use all of their resources to engage with both active and passive candidate talent. You will have greater visibility of the candidate market and by headhunting passive candidates, you are more likely to engage with candidates that aren't actively looking for a new role. 
Investing up front gives your agency a further incentive to invest their time and resource to your search. 
Fewer Customers
Retained recruitment agencies will work with fewer customers, if not exclusively with you, dependant on the arrangement. More time spent on your hire leads to a better quality of candidate match and higher likelihood of success. 
Better Relationship
Your recruiter will spend more time getting to know your business and what you require from the individual you are hiring for. They will spend time with you and become an integrated member of your business, able to sell the virtues and values of your employee value proposition as well as you can. 

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