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Data - possibly the most important resource of the 21st century

From training AI/ML models to predicting consumer spending habits, data is fundamental to the successful running of pretty much every organisation. Find out more about this sector and why it's one that we're always excited to work in.
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Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Evolution

Advancements in ML (machine learning) and the rapid adoption of AI (artificial intelligence) have led to a growth in demand for data professionals, across a diverse mix of sectors. From pharmaceuticals to banking, manufacturing to education, the rise of the “digital first” mindset has caused the market for data roles to soar - both Machine Learning Engineers and Data Engineers were listed by LinkedIn as two of the fastest-growing job titles in the UK over the past five years in their annual Jobs On The Rise study.

The three main roles within a data team - a data engineer, a data analyst, and a data scientist - cover the beginning-to-end process of gathering, analysing, and actioning data within a business. A full and successful data team will ideally have at least one of each, but these roles and responsibilities can overlap in smaller businesses or teams.

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Are You Hiring Into Data?

Although businesses and job descriptions will vary, the responsibilities of each data role are typically divided as such:

  • Data Engineer - A role in data engineering involves creating and building the system that gathers relevant data, and maintaining this system for other members of the business to use.
  • Data Analyst - A data analyst extracts the data gathered by the engineer to examine. They’ll create algorithms to optimize the data extraction and draw logical and objective conclusions from the data to benefit the business.
  • Data Scientist - Data science overlaps with data analysis to a degree, but the former is more focused on drawing subjective judgements. A Data Scientist is responsible for making predictions based on the gathered data, and presenting these findings to the business for them to act on.

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Our team of consultants have years of experience recruiting the very best talent for a variety of business, from emerging start-ups to multinational PLCs. We’re experts at creating the perfect partnership between a candidate and a job opportunity, weighing up the desired skills and characteristics of the role with the ethos and culture of the business to find the best possible fit.

Roles we recruit for include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Developer 
  • DBA (Database Administrator)
  • Machine Learning Engineer
Whatever you need, we’re experienced in filling all kinds of vacancies: remote, hybrid, contract, and permanent roles, from junior and graduate positions to leadership and management roles. Whatever your next step in Data is, whether you’re job hunting or hiring, Applause IT can help - give us a call to talk through your options.
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Looking for your next role within Data?

"I love her approach and communication to reaching out, looking for a new role can be challenging but it is nice to meet a recruiter who understands and is able to relate with you without making you feel unqualified enough. 

She was absolutely amazing."

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